Did you know that CNC machines and 3d printers can be used to play music ? As long as the machine uses stepper motors and can accept G-code commands you can use it to play simple sounds as explained on http://en.homeconstructor.de/create-music-with-cnc-milling-machine.html : Everyone who ever watched to a working CNC milling machine should have noticed, that such a machine creates many different frequencies. In general you can say: the faster the axis moves, the higher the frequency is. So […]

Rostock can play Beethoven music

undersized circles
There are endless debates on the internet about the possible accuracy of printed parts with consumer 3D printers. Almost everybody thinks that only expensive commercial machines are capable of producing parts with great accuracy: … I think you have by far too big ambitions about accuracy with 3d printers. Think about again. You have a nozzle that can make a line that is 0,40 wide or larger, never smaller. in layer height direction you can select a layer height smaller […]

Are you printing undersized holes ?

octoprint with repetier
If you use Repetier firmware for your printer you probably also use Repetier Host to control your printer. If you use a dedicated PC for that, that’s ok, but what happens when you use a laptop and want to take it with you but the print job is not yet finished ? Meet Octoprint, a great alternative to Repetier Host with some extras: Make your printer wireless Monitor your prints live via the embedded webcam feed or create a timelapse […]

How to setup Octoprint with Repetier firmware

small kitten printed 2
Today I tried printing a small Marvin KeyChain because someone at RepRap forums started a thread about problems when printing such a small object.   I wanted to see what kind of success will I have after calibrating and tuning my Rostock Mini for over a month. First I tried slicing with Slic3r 1.1.4-development version : Repetier Host 0.95F Slic3r 1.1.4-dev Clear PLA 1.75 mm layer height 0.18 mm layer width 0.48 mm 50% feedrate (reduced from 100% at layer […]

Printing small objects with a bowden extruder

rostock mini pro efector platform
Download  the official Build Instruction Document from 3DPrinterCzar and follow the steps . It claims the estimated building time at 3 hours but if you never done it before it will take longer. It took me 8 hours and that’s only the mechanical assembly. The document ended at 16 pages and was missing the next step-connecting all the wires between the motors, RAMPS, endstops and extruder. You can use the RAMPS Wiring Guide for their Prusa i3 model but disregard […]

Building of Rostock Mini Pro by 3DPrinterCzar

rostock mini pro package 1
I bought Rostock Mini Pro from 3DPrinterCzar at the end of May 2014. You can read more technical details about the printer here. The box arrived just days after my order. Don’t know why but I expected it would be much larger .   At the top there are five boxes of small parts…. … plus one bag with lots of nuts and bolts. The big parts are well protected and hidden bellow the first layer. Visible on the left […]

Rostock Mini Pro unboxing