Did you know that CNC machines and 3d printers can be used to play music ? As long as the machine uses stepper motors and can accept G-code commands you can use it to play simple sounds as explained on http://en.homeconstructor.de/create-music-with-cnc-milling-machine.html : Everyone who ever watched to a working CNC milling machine should have noticed, that such a machine creates many different frequencies. In general you can say: the faster the axis moves, the higher the frequency is. So […]

Rostock can play Beethoven music

octoprint with repetier
If you use Repetier firmware for your printer you probably also use Repetier Host to control your printer. If you use a dedicated PC for that, that’s ok, but what happens when you use a laptop and want to take it with you but the print job is not yet finished ? Meet Octoprint, a great alternative to Repetier Host with some extras: Make your printer wireless Monitor your prints live via the embedded webcam feed or create a timelapse […]

How to setup Octoprint with Repetier firmware